About the product

About the product

"Regattascope" - the art of 3D tracking and sailing races analytics.

2017-12-06_14-08-37.png "Regattascope" by "Interprocom" opens unique opportunities that allow to:
  • Increase the audience reach and popularize sailing races through the Internet broadcast.
  • Attract additional financing for the regatta by placing logos of advertisers and sponsors on 3D models of yachts and information blocks of the broadcast.
  • Increase the spectacle of the regatta for fans, friends and relatives on the banks and at home. At the same time, viewers can try themselves in the role of a broadcast director, choosing a camera to display, its position and viewing angle.
  • Save the regatta in all its uniqueness, creating repeatedly reproduced content for the site of the event organizer and social networking pages.
  • equip the training process of preparation for competitions with a modern digital tool for monitoring and analyzing winning strategies of leaders taking into account the peculiarities of the water area.

Use a modern digital approach. Increase your professional skills. Win!

Modern information technologies help to overcome space and time, give the viewer the opportunity to track the movement of yachts throughout the distance of the race, at any time from any location, from any personal device connected to the Internet.

Expand the horizons of sailing competitions:

  • Capture a wider audience and popularize your regatta by conducting a digital 3D broadcast in real time.
  • Create a good mood and enrich the experience of fans by showing them a virtual show based on GPS monitoring data, realistic images of yachts and water area.
  • Provide an overview of the regatta for all 360 from any point of the water area of the competition at any time, providing easy access to the system from personal mobile devices.
  • Root for your favorites, compare their results with rivals and analyze the effectiveness of passing the race distance.
  • Learn the experience of race leaders and improve personal results based on racing and wind analysis.
  • Increase the effectiveness of training and develop a "winning strategy", using distance monitoring data, taking into account the readings of wind sensors and simulations of the water area model.
  • Share impressions, acute moments and successes of athletes. Combine your videos with 3D tracking and publish them on social networks, send them to your friends and family.
  • Create unique, reusable content on the regatta organizer's website and involve journalists and media channels in creating video reports about sailing races at a qualitatively new level.
  • Expand your cooperation with partners and earn money using the possibilities of placing advertising in digital format.

Technological capabilities of the Regattascope system


"Regattascope" is a Russian development, using solutions based on open source. The system is based on specialized tracking software that allows to track the position of sailing ships equipped with GLONASS / GPS sensors in real time in 3D format.

The system forms a 3D model of the route on the basis of the coordinates of the position of sailing vessels, taking into account the indications of direction and wind force sensors, current data and other factors in the water area of the competition. The mechanism for collecting data from sensors, providing statistics and analytics gives users convenient ways to track the progress of the race, for example:

  • accelerate / slow down the playback, quickly move on to the point of interest of the race;
  • Look at the movement of yachts from different angles;
  • track late to start, lag behind the leader in meters or seconds;
  • monitor the position of the yachts in the dynamically updated standings;
  • choose different combinations, who to follow in the race;
  • to see on the screen images of the label indicating the recommended limits for maneuvering and the distance to the signs of distance;
  • Select the "map" to display the water area background;
  • Discover many other interesting opportunities that turn the regatta into an even more fascinating event.
  • The organizers of the regatta can enhance the entertainment of the event and significantly expand the reach of the audience, which will lead to additional profits.
  • Fans receive innovative opportunities for interactive viewing of sailing races.
  • Press representatives and regatta organizers can create unique dynamic content, combining video and 3D tracking, for publication on the website and in social networks.
  • Advertisers and sponsors can advertise using a unique media channel.
  • Coaching staff can identify errors in the route and take into account the features of the water area to adjust the future strategy and tactics of racing, which contributes to the quality of training athletes.

Why customers choose "Regattascope"

The combination of extensive experience in projects, knowledge and skills of specialists with modern software and support services is a guarantee of high quality.

High functionality


"Regattascope" has a detailed "road map" of development for several years and high competitive potential.

  • Experience in GPS monitoring and analysis of regattas of various levels from small regional to world championships.
  • Close cooperation with yachtsmen, coaches, yacht clubs and fans.
  • Laborious work of professionals to create and implement innovative ideas to form a unique user experience, anticipating the expectations of the community of enthusiasts of sailing.

Verified in action

  • The decision was approved at many Russian and foreign competitions.
  • Regattascope became the first Russian 3D tracking system that was used to accompany the Russian Championship of the Olympic yachts, National Sailing League races and the Megles 20 World Championship.

Convenient and profitable

  • The system is provided immediately with full functionality. Unlike many other systems, there is no breakdown for modules, no surcharge for individual functions.
  • Wide range of services from economical online support to the specialists visit to the regatta.
  • Options for renting or purchasing various configurations of necessary equipment (GPS tracker, Wind sensors, etc.).

Easy to use

  • Event organizers can independently adjust and maintain the system during competitions using a user-friendly administrative tool.
  • Users (fans) connect to the system via the Internet without downloading additional viewers, plug-ins and other tools.
  • The mobile application "Regattascope" is available for downloading for mobile devices.


  • Interprocom - more than 25 years in IT.
  • It is one of the leading IT companies. According to the rating of the analytical agency CNews Analytics, by the end of 2015 Interprocom is one of the 10 fastest growing and 15 most effective IT companies in Russia


  • "Regattascope" system is provided with full functionality without breakdown into modules and without additional payment for individual functions.
  • A wide range of services from the support of the "hotline" specialists visit to the event.
  • Different equipment configurations for rent or ownership.
Level of participation Software cost (rubles) Basic service – free of charge
1. Single Event 40 000 rubles for a single event • Access to system administration.
• Access to the online training seminar on administration.
• Disk space.
• Record display on the organizer's website.
• Stickers for yachts - 10 pcs.
• Souvenirs for prizes with logo IPC / Regattascop - 5 pcs.
2. Club - full year subscription 200 000 rubles per year Welcome Pack:
• Serving 1 online event for free.
• Access to the online training seminar on administration.
• Discount on equipment rent 20%.
• Stickers for yachts - 10 pcs.
• Souvenirs for prizes with logo IPC / Regattascop - 5 pcs.
Welcome Pack at the first signing of the contract includes:
  • Access to an online training seminar on administration.
  • Serving 1 event online for free.
additional services Sale (rub.) Rent per day (rub.) Sale (rub.)
Specialist visit: all around support for the event , 1 person. 10000 -
Online support specialist, 1 person. 5000** -
Access to the online seminar on administration free free
Wind Sensor 2000* 150 000
GPS tracker in aquapack without SIM card 100* 8000
GPS tracker in aquapack with SIM card 200* 8500
Aquapack with IPC and Regattascope logo - 2000
Stickers for yachts with IPC / Regattascope logo - from 1000р
Prize with IPC / Regattascope (available on request) - from 1000р

* Equipment rent is provided only together with the option "Specialists visit".

** The specialist is provided free of charge for the first time.